Set Top HDTV Amplified Antenna (ANT-9010)

Set Top HDTV Amplified Antenna (ANT-9010)


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Code: ANT-9010

Set Top HDTV Amplified Antenna, amplifier (booster) of 30 dB, special to receive a digital signal. Its design allows you to filter, amplify and process the signal to obtain high quality images without the need for adjustments or complicated installations. It is necessary that television has a tuner high definition (HD) integrated or external, as models 208-800 or 208-900.

Tech Specifications

-Two telescopic bars of 7 sections, with a length of 1 m each
- Gain Control
- Coaxial Cable connector with built-in type 'F' of 1.2 m
- Reception: UHF/ VHF/FM
- Power supply: 110Vac 60Hz 3.5 W
12 Vdc 100 mA
- Gain: 30 dB
- Operating Frequency: VHF 40 - 230 MHz
UHF 470 - 862 Mhz.


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