Rack-Mounted 14V/18V Satellite Multiswitch − 16 output (TSMS-5/16RK)

Rack-Mounted 14V/18V Satellite Multiswitch − 16 output (TSMS-5/16RK)

Pico Digital

  • $ 360.00

Code: TSMS-5/16RK

  • 5 input simple interface design provides 4 satellite polarity inputs plus 1 off air antenna and 16 outputs, for quick installation
  • Wide frequency range 40~2150MHz
  • Compatible with DIRECTV Phase III and other reception systems that utilize 22kHz tone switching
  • PIN diode matrix reduces polarity transfer time and digital artifacts, providing consistent picture quality
  • 14 or 18 DC volts and 22kHz tone are provided to power the LNB and conduct internal switching
  • Built-in amplifier compensates for insertion losses, reducing need of external amplification
  • Heavy-duty high efficiency internal power supply eliminates excessive current draw requirements on receivers

Bandwidth 40~2150MHz
Insertion Loss
950~1750MHz -6dB
1750~2050MHz 2dB
40~860MHz 0dB
(Horizontal/Vertical) -35dB
(Output-Output) -14dB
RHCP Switching Voltage 14/15VDC
LHCP Switching Voltage 17/18VDC
LNB Current Capacity 240mA
VAC Input 120VAC
VDC Output 24 VDC @ 600mA
Dimensions 19” (L) x 5.5” (D)x 1.75” (H)
Weight 4.8 lbs.

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